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We are filmmakers and storytellers. We believe in getting off the highway to explore the byways and vistas of life. For this is

where we find scenery that is untouched, life that is raw and unarranged, stories that are untold.

This is where we find our films.  


Join us on our journey as we make time to listen to the stories and scenery around us.


To look over, or examine scenes, be it from life or possibly a film.

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"A thought provoking road movie." -- Canadian Globe & Mail 


Love From Ground Zero follows three strangers (Simon Baker, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Jacqueline McKeznzie) across the back roads of America with the ashes of a mutual friend. As they try to make sense of the untimely death, they are forced to face the realities in their own lives. 

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"A cinematic spectacle." -- Moving Pictures Magazine


Winner of 11 International Film Festival Awards, A Life Ascending follows the life of acclaimed ski-mountaineering guide Ruedi Beglinger and his family's unique life off the grid in the years following a devastating avalanche that killed seven people. 

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Having the attributes of seeing or viewing from a postion of knowledge or beauty.

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STEPHEN GRYNBERG, Director/Producer

Stephen shot his first movies as a teenager, carrying a VHS tape deck in a backpack and a massive camera in hand, to capture his friends skiing deep snow in the Rockies. Though those first forays were followed by brief careers as a chemical engineer and a television executive, Stephen found his way back to filmmaking. After graduating from the American Film Institute, he wrote and directed his first feature film, the critically acclaimed Love From Ground Zero in 1998. In 2005, his first documentary short, Past Forward, was part of Envisioning the Future, a city-wide art project curated by Judy Chicago. A Life Ascending, Stephen's first feature length documentary film, won 11 international awards and marked his long overdue return to the mountains. Besides an MFA in directing from AFI, Stephen holds an MBA from Columbia and a BS in Chemical Engineering from Northwestern

SHUCHI TALATI, Associate Producer

Shuchi is also a directing alumnus from the American Film Institute where she received the Bridges-Larson Production award as well as the Women in Film endowment. Prior to AFI, Shuchi worked in commercials and feature films in Mumbai. She was the Creative and Machinima Director (machinimas are films made using game engines) for the groundbreaking start-up Indusgeeks where she directed over twenty commercials and corporate videos for clients like the Brand Union, RTA Dubai and Child Rights and You. Shuchi's tenth short film, Mae and Ash, just completed a successful festival run. Besides her work with Stephen, Shuchi has a couple films on her producing plate -- an essay film about women travelers in India which is in post and feature film Guttersnipes, which just started casting. 


Before he was editing trailers, Photoshopping posters, and overall being a creative Jack-of-all-trades at Scenic Overlook, he was growing up the tall, goofy kid in Houston, Texas with an undeniable love of film and the arts.  He went on to graduate from the University of Miami with a degree in Motion Pictures & Creative Writing before going on to get his MFA in Screenwriting from the American Film Institute.  Since then, his Hollywood journey has taken him from working for major studios, to developing independent film projects, to teaching screenwriting, and everything in between.  Currently working as a professional writer in both features and television, Derek looks for unique, honest, and compelling stories wherever he may wander.

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Fall  of Man  follows three hapless men -- soon-to-be father Adam, successful chauvinist Richard, and high-school teacher and men's activist Nicholas -- as they try to navigate what it means to be husbands, fathers and sons in a post-feminist society.  


Sacred Names is a documentary exploring the lasting effects of the Holocaust through the eyes of the son of a survivor.  Shot over several years, the film is a cross generational look at survival, loss, and hope.


Based on true events, Hockey Town is the story of  forty-seven year old man, Dana, who returns to finish college to prove a point to his son who is choosing hockey over school. Once in college, Dana finds himself in the hockey team with a bunch of 19 yr olds and a chance to play again after 25 years.

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